What our clients say about us

“Phil, Thank you not only for your excellent work and knowledge, but for standing behind your work in a way that is all too rare these days. There can’t be many contractors who would come back to fix a problem that appeared nine years after the original work was done. It speaks volumes about your integrity and pride in craftsmanship that when a problem suddenly arose with the upstairs shower you built for us that long ago, you returned to repair it without question and without charge even after such a long interval of time—down to repainting the wallboard that had to be removed and replaced in the process.
You and your team are always a pleasure to work with— and now I can also testify from first-hand experience that it’s also no idle boast when you say on your website that you will return to correct a problem, regardless of when any warranties may have expired.”
Stephen Budiansky

"Our kitchen is working out really well.  We're getting over the learning curves of new appliances and new storage locations and we cranked out lots of food and clean dishes over the last few weeks.  Everybody especially loved the new lighting!"  -  Tim Hall

"I have one complaint about Apple House - that they didn't make themselves known to me about fifteen years earlier then they did. I have struggled with drunk painters, no-show carpenters, masons who went hunting, while all the while the solution was on my doorstep! In the five years I've been using them I've slept soundly, knowing that the work will be done right the first time, on schedule and at a fair price.

Some people opt for excellence in what they do. Phil and his crew have clearly done so. I value them so highly that I have had them drive sixty miles to my Washington home to do work. Plus, they're fun, smart people. I wish I could subcontract the rest of my life to them. It would be much better organized!"
- Michael Heinl

“Thank you for all the great work you and your staff have done to improve our home over the past two years.  The kitchen , deck and stairwell were expertly planned and executed, as were the gameroom and garage…

I wish I could think of another project for you to undertake, but alas, there is none.  But, if we do come up with something, we’ll only call apple house…..


You are a breath of fresh air.  You’re honest, straightforward, and talented.  At a time when one’s ‘word’ means nothing, it’s nice to know there are still exceptions to the rule.”

-The Hoeffels

“We greatly appreciate your attention to detail and professional guidance in mainlining the architectural integrity and historical significance of this structure.

Please convey our thanks to your team members for their outstanding work in transforming this out-building into a truly wonderful little guest cottage.

We are looking forward to enjoying the cottage ourselves and proudly offering it as accommodation for visiting family and friends.”

-The Heyners