COVID-19 Corona Virus Preparedness

During the more uncertain times of the pandemic, this was our default conference room. We are still happy to continue using this meeting place, or to meet clients using Facetime or Zoom.  In addition, if all parties are fully vaccinated, we can also resume use of our interior conference room.

Like most other businesses, we are following CDC, State & Local Government guidelines to meet the challenge of the covid-19 outbreak.  Recently Virginia Occupational Safety and Health VOSH (Virginia's OSHA) released a Emergency Temporary Standard to ensure safety in the workplace during the COVID pandemic.  ahc has prepared our enhanced safety plan.  We continue to work where we safely can, in our built environment.  Foremost is our team's and our client's safety.  We monitor unfolding events daily, and remain committed to providing the quality remodeling services in your home. 


Part of our strategy to work safely in homes. includes EPA RRP Lead Safe protocols.  (There is a link to the EPA Lead Safe site at the bottom of this page.)

RRP Certified Remodelers have training that can be applied to maintain social distancing & disinfecting a job site.  Though these protocols are developed to keep occupants of a building safe from lead dust contamination, these precautions can be followed to address the needs of a virus safe workspace.


Please email us if you'd like to see a copy of our ETS safety plan.


Please stay safe and take care.

Phil Bzdyk, President, MBA in Sustainable Business


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