COVID-19 Corona Virus Preparedness

Like most other businesses, we are following CDC, State & Local Government guidelines to meet the challenge of the covid-19 outbreak.  We continue to work where we safely can, outdoors and in unoccupied buildings.  Foremost is our team's and our client's safety.  We monitor unfolding events daily (even hourly), and anticipate the real peak spread of the virus to compel all of us to remain in our homes at some point. 


Meanwhile, we have developed a strategy to work safely in homes. More than 10 years ago, our crew was trained in EPA RRP Lead Safe protocols.  (There is a link to the EPA Lead Safe site at the bottom of this page.)

Recently, at a webinar, it was suggested that we RRP Certified Remodelers already have training that could be applied to maintain social distancing & disinfecting a job site.  Though these protocols are developed to keep occupants of a building safe from lead dust contamination, these precautions can be followed to address the needs of a virus safe workspace.


Naturally our virtual office remains open, so emails and calls will be returned as quickly as possible, regardless of our production status.  Whatever we can still manage to accomplish, we will.  Please stay safe and take care of each other.

Phil Bzdyk, President, MBA in Sustainable Business


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